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Creature Stubbs 7-Ply Birch 8.25" Deck

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More Details on Creature Stubbs 7-Ply Birch 8.25" Deck:

The New Stubbs series utilizes a custom mold engineered to give boards with smaller dimensions and even shorter wheelbases the same board feel as our go-to ATV mold. These boards comfortably bridge the gap between beginner-friendly Skate completes and the highly addictive Stumps shapes. Paired with some good ol' Halloween graphics on Birch construction, these boards look great and are easy on the wallet.

7 ply northern birch hardwood deck pressed using specially designed crosslinked glue - creating a responsive and durable deck at an affordable price.


WIDTH: 8.25"

LENGTH: 31.00"

WB: 13.5" 


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